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what do you want to do before you die?

italicized = in the process
strikethrough = done
001. find my soulmate.
002. get married outside during the fall.
003. backpack through europe.
004. learn french.

005. make sure my dream home has different themed rooms. (60s/70s living room, victorian era bedroom, 50s kitchen, yellow submarine bathroom, hippie smoke room, etc.)
006. start/be in a band.
007. get a tattoo.
008. take cooking classes.
009. live in california.
010. go to (and graduate) college.
011. break a world record.
012. adopt a child.
013. write something important and publish it.
014. organize a fund raiser.
015. learn to play another instrument(s).
016. take a road trip through the united states.
017. have a son named jude henry.
018. visit a well-known art museum/gallery.
019. read all the books on my to read list.
020. preform something for a live audience on my own.
021. date a girl.
022. scuba dive somewhere beautiful.
023. take an alaskan cruise.
024. become some kind of model.
025. see all my favorite bands live at least once.
026. start a petition for something important.
027. have a daughter named jaqueline adele.
028. take a photography class.
029. get my lip pierced.
030. be a contestant on a game show on tv.
031. meet someone famous.
032. go rock-climbing.
033. work in a clothing store.
034. go to cosmetology school.
035. travel the world.
036. be proposed to uniquely.
037. learn how to use a tattoo gun.
038. tattoo someone.
039. get kissed in the pouring rain.
040. figure out who i “really am.”
041. have a badass movie collection.
042. have a badass library of books.
043. go sky-diving.
044. ride a crazy roller coaster.
045. go down a crazy water slide.
046. star in a movie.
047. be in two places at once.
048. take a train somewhere while in paris, france.
049. try out for suicide girls or godsgirls.
050. become a counselor and help people with their problems.
051. go deep sea fishing. 
052. party in times square on new years eve.
053. see the great wall in china.
054. visit abbey road.
055. bungee jump.
056. ride in a hot air balloon.
057. learn how to drive a stick shift car.
058. go to a drag show. 
059. go to a drag race. 
060. see the pyramids of egypt.
061. visit a well-known museum.
062. see the northern lights in alaska.
063. purchase marijuana legally (esp. in colorado and/or california).
064. gamble in las vegas.
065. see yellowstone national park.
066. live in a foreign country for at least a year.
067. go skinny dipping.
068. go to a nice strip club.
069. have sex in a public place. 
070. volunteer for something important.
071. plant a tree during earth week.
072. donate to locks of love.
073. own my own business.
074. eat more than one unique thing.
075. kiss under the mistletoe.
076. attend a play. 
077. see stone henge.
078. climb a legit mountain.
079. own a nice camera. 
080. learn how to draw properly. 
081. go shopping in los angeles.
082. be in the jerry springer, ellen, or tyra show audience.
083. attend both of my high school proms.
084. be a maid of honor at a wedding. 
085. donate blood. 
086. donate plasma.
087. explore old, run down amusement parks.
088. learn how to bar-tend. 
089. visit a real castle in england and/or scotland.
090. go somewhere awesome for a spring break with friends.
091. run a marathon.
092. grow old with the one i love. 
093. explore ghost towns. 
094. swim with dolphins. 
095. study many different religions. 
096. learn how to snowboard.
097. attend a gay pride event.
098. take dance lessons with a boyfriend. 
099. visit memphis and nashville, tennessee.
100. experience dread locks at least once.
101. name and raise a pet on my own. 
102. go swimming while it’s raining.
103. go caving. 
104. go kayaking.  
105.  witness a meteor shower.
106. go camping without a tent. 
107. spend a full day at a spa.
108. sing karaoke. 

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